It is a holiday weekend, which means, between barbecues and fireworks, you have time to check out some new movies. There’s a kid boss, doctors playing God and even time travel to save the planet.

Chris Pratt (as Dan Forester): “I just want to dave my daughter. If I have to save the world to save her, then I’m gonna do it.”

Chris Pratt is going back to the future in “The Tomorrow War.” He’s trying to save humanity from an alien invasion, and traveling through time in the process. That’s because the war is happening 30 years from now.

Chris tells Deco it could happen.

Chris Pratt: “In the next 30 years, specially at the rate of accelerated change now, there’s a high probability we’re going to be fighting an invading alien force.”

Cool! Something to look forward to.

Don Cheadle (as Curt Goynes): “I’m gonna get what’s mine.”

In “No Sudden Move,” someone hires Don Cheadle and his criminal friends to steal what they think is a plain old document, but the 1950s crime thriller turns into a high-stakes mystery as they try to figure out who hired them and why.

Don Cheadle: “We don’t know whose motivations are good, the duplicitous nature of everybody in this.”

Character in “The Forever Purge”: “Help me! Help me! The Purge is over, please.”

The Purge is one night when all crimes are legal, but in “The Forever Purge,” one town keeps the Purge going, so Josh Lucas spends the movie trying to survive a mob of psychos who are out to keep up their killing spree.

Character in “The God Committee”: “There’s a complication in the OR. Serena Vazquez is dead.”

An organ transplant committee has an hour to decide who gets a life-saving heart transplant. In “The God Committee,” Julia Stiles and Kelsey Grammer are two doctors deciding who lives and who dies. (Kelsey had more fun as Dr. Frasier Crane.

Amy Sedaris (as Tina Templeton / Boss Baby, voice): “I’m in the family business, and now you work for me, boomers.”

Here’s the deal: Alec Baldwin is back in “The Boss Baby” sequel, but let’s just skip to the plot, since it’s more complicated than putting together furniture from IKEA.

The simple story is, Alec told Deco, he really was a Boss Baby as a kid, because he was…

Alec Baldwin: “I was royalty. I was treated better than everyone else.”

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