Zombies, horse racing, murder-suicide. Sounds like topics that don’t go together, but, guess what: this weekend they do, ’cause that’s what some of the movies in this week’s Showtime are about.

Dave Bautista (as Scott Ward): “Well, we all know the basics. Zombies, shamblers, the undead, whatever you want to call them. When it comes to killing them, it’s all about the brain.”

Dave Bautista stars in “Army of the Dead.” In it, zombies have taken over Las Vegas, but Dave isn’t going to let the undead freaks stop him from stealing money from a casino.

Now, casino robbers have families, and Dave chose to focus on that part of the movie.

Dave Bautista: “When I read the script, that is what I dialed in on. That is what I focused on. What was really at the core of this character? And it really was redemption. Scott Ward was looking for redemption with his daughter.”

Damian Lewis (as Howard Davies): “Remember there’s a less than 1% chance this horse will ever win a race.”

Toni Collette has dreams — dreams of breeding a winning racehorse. That’s exactly what she does in the new movie “Dream Horse.” The true story follows Toni as she trains Dream Alliance all the way to first place.

Glenn Close (as Deb): “Who is that?”

Mila Kunis (as Molly): “If I wasn’t a junkie, would you even ask?”

Glenn Close (as Deb): “Probably not.”

In “Four Good Days,” Mila Kunis loses custody of her kids after struggling with drug addiction for over a decade.

Glenn Close plays her mom, who prays for Mila to get clean.

Glenn Close: “Certainly, the amount of addiction in this country, and how it decimates families, is something that we need to portray and hopefully get empathy about.”

Moises Arias (as Mateo): “I just moved here.”

Ava Capri (as Alana): “From where?”

Moises Arias (as Mateo): “Colombia.”

Ava Capri (as Alana): “What part of Mexico is that?”

Achieving the American dream is the goal in “Blast Beat.”

Wilmer Valderrama stars in this flick about a Colombian family trying to create a life for themselves in a new country.

Keir O’Donnell (as Greg Raco): “Luke drove to his house at 4:30, killed his family and headed here to kill himself.”

Eric Bana is a federal agent in “The Dry.”

When his friend dies after what is thought to be a murder-suicide, he heads to his hometown for the funeral and is asked to help with the investigation.

James Frecheville (as Jamie Sullivan): “When you’ve been lying about something for so long, it becomes second nature.”

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