Michael B. Jordan is still the sexiest man alive, and this weekend, he might be the sexiest man on your TV screen. But his movie isn’t the only new release. We’ve got a preview of ’em all in Showtime.

Michael B. Jordan (as John Kelly): “They’re going to play by my rules now.”

Michael B. Jordan stars in “Without Remorse.” He plays a Navy SEAL seeking revenge for the murder of his pregnant wife. What he uncovers along the way could spell war for the U.S. and Russia.

That kind of drama takes a toll on an actor.

Michael B. Jordan: “This was by far the most intense, and physically and mentally exhausting movie that I’ve been a part of, just off the sheer volume of the workload.”

Robot: “Who are these unstoppable warriors?”

Abbi Jacobson (as Katie Mitchell): “We’re the Mitchells, the only people who can save the world. I’m super sorry, everyone.”

Machines are taking over the planet. “The Mitchells vs. the Machines ” is an animated movie about a dysfunctional family who has to save Earth from a robot revolution.

Sir Anthony Hopkins (as The Mentor): “Let me be crystal clear. With this fee, it is delicate. Special outcome demanded by client. Call me when it’s done.”

If you think you have a tough boss, try being the hit man who has to answer to Sir Anthony Hopkins. In “The Virtuoso,” the Oscar winner assigns his mentee to kill someone in a small town … but the job isn’t as easy as point, shoot and kill.

Amir El-Masry (as Omar): “What would you do if they let you stay?”

Vikash Bhai (as Farhad): “I would like to wear a suit and work in office.”

Omar’s a Syrian refugee stuck on a Scottish island in “Limbo.” While waiting to be granted asylum in the U.K., Omar and other refugees become friends and learn about life in a new country.

James Norton (as George Claire): “My wife doesn’t know what happened here. I think it would be better if we kept it that way.”

In “Things Heard & Seen,” Amanda Seyfried and James Norton are a couple who move into a house with a dark and creepy history.

Amanda digs into the house’s scary past and realizes her husband has terrifying secrets he’s been keeping from her.

Amanda Seyfried (as Catherine Claire): “Somebody help us!”

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