(WSVN) - The inspirational drama “Priceless” has a lot of competition at the box office this weekend, including an awesome accountant. Here’s a look at four more new movies hitting theaters Friday.

J.K. Simmons (as Raymond King): “This guy risks his life uncooking the books for some of the scariest people on the planet. Drug cartels, arms brokers, money launderers, assassins.”

In “The Accountant,” Ben Affleck is a math genius with autism.

The film is part thriller, part mystery and a whole lotta fun. So, Deco asked Ben, is there a chance for a sequel?

Ben Affleck: “If you demand it, the people will listen. I think you could start the campaign.”

Shia LaBeouf (as Jake): “It’s a business opportunity. We go door to door, we sell magazines. We explore, like, America. We party. Come with us.”

Open road isn’t free. Shia LaBeouf is at his creepy best as the leader of a bunch of young kids criss-crossing america, selling magazines and leaving a path of destruction in “American Honey.”

And one of his followers learns the freedom of the open road, well, it isn’t free.

In “Max Steel,” a teenager finds out his dad left him great superpowers that can defeat alien invaders.

A quasi-robot friend is there to teach him how to use his energy, save the world, and get girls.

Kevin Hart: “You need edge to survive in life. My son definitely doesn’t have it.”

In “Kevin Hart: What Now?” the star’s combining the two things he does best: making movies and doing standup.

And there’s no mystery on how it got its title.

“Kevin Hart: After I did my last special, “Let Me Explain,” the question kept coming up, ‘Kevin, what now? What now? What now? What now? What now?”

Kevin Hart: “What now, people?”

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