Action packed, dramatic and sometimes lovey dovey. No, not just Deco Drive, but also all the movies in this week’s Showtime. Here’s a look at the latest in streaming and in theaters.

Ben Affleck (as Bruce Wayne/Batman): “I don’t care how many demons he’s fought, in how many hells. He’s never fought us. Not us united.”

Due to popular demand, “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” is streaming on HBO Max. It’s four hours of epic superhero showdowns featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more.

Snyder had to leave “Justice League” after filming, and the studio totally re-made his movie. But fans screamed for his original vision.

Jeremy Piven (as Mick): “A casino in Darby Heights.

Garry Pastore (as Delvecchio): “You get this done, and I’ll make you my partner.”

In “Last Call,” Jeremy Piven is a real estate developer who returns to his old stomping grounds. He’s supposed to be collecting signatures to build a casino, but along the way, he ends up reconnecting with his roots.

Matthew Modine (as Rick Singer): “I’ve created this kind of side door in. Because my families want a guarantee.”

Here comes the drama. “Operation Varsity Blues” is a Netflix documentary/reenactment that dives deep into the 2019 college admissions scandal.

The film uses real conversations recreated from FBI wiretaps and interviews to show how rich and famous people schemed to get their kids into top colleges.

Joel McHale (as Tom): “I love my wife. She loves me. I enjoy her company.”

Joel McHale and Kerry Bishé can’t keep their hands off each other in the new comedy-thriller “Happily.” The two play a married couple that’s head over heels in love, but their friends can’t stand it. Oh, and did we mention there’s a murder involved?

Benedict Cumberbatch (as Greville Wynne): “I’m just a salesman.”

Rachel Brosnahan (as Emily Donovan): “Exactly. You’re a civilian, so the KGB won’t be watching.”

Angus Wright (as Dickie Franks): “It would be a real service to Great Britain.”

Benedict Cumberbatch is a businessman on a mission in “The Courier.” The film is based on a true story of a man who was recruited by MI-6 during the Cold War.

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