It sounds like a dream: just sitting and staring at a screen. Oh, wait. You’re doing that right now. Well, here’s a chance to do it some more — with the fine viewing options in this week’s Showtime.

Martin Sheen (as J. Edgar Hoover): “Our counterintelligence program must prevent the rise of a Black messiah.”

Watch your back. Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Stanfield star in “Judas and the Black Messiah.”

It’s the true story of a career criminal who makes a deal with the FBI to infiltrate the Black Panthers and take down Chairman Fred Hampton.

Daniel Kaluuya: “He was like a complete target, because he cared, because he loved, and even in that, he kept loving the people. Even in that, he kept doing what he felt he was here to do.”

Robin Wright (as Edee): “It’s really difficult to be around people, because they just want me to be better.”

Sometimes we just need a hug. When a grieving lawyer leaves big city life for isolation in the woods, a local hunter might just help turn things around.

Robin Wright stars in the movie, but she’s also directing it.

Robin Wright: “Shooting a show like ‘House of Cards,’ you’re on a stage pretty much 95% of each season, and you’re very warm. This was a whole other beast.”

Kristen Wiig: “I’m Star. Short for Starbara.”

Sales clerk: “I assume yours is Barbara.”

Annie Mumolo (as Barb): “Nope, just Barb.”

That’s what friends are for. Best buds Barb and Star go on the adventure of a lifetime when they leave their small Midwestern town for the first time ever.

Katherine Waterston (as Abigail): “Your meeting has made my day.”

Vanessa Kirby (as Tallie): “How pleasant and uncommon it is to make someone’s day.”

It’s like Farmers Only of the mid-19th century. In rural New York, two farmers’ wives find themselves undeniably drawn to each other — but can they make their love last?

Vanessa Kirby: “It never felt like love at first sight, whatever that is. It was more that – the recognition is literally what it was, of like, ‘Oh, I see a pain in you that I have as well.'”

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