A simmering romance, an emotional roller coaster. Get ready for some serious drama, people. We’ve got drama for days. Here’s a look at what’s coming to the big and small screen in this week’s Showtime.

John David Washington (as Malcolm): “You know that I’m thankful. You know that I made a mistake, so why turn it into something more?”

Uh-oh. Someone’s in trouble.

John David Washington and Zendaya are lovers in the new Netflix drama “Malcolm & Marie.”

John David Washington (as Malcolm): “You’re angry?”

Zendaya: “No.”

Oh, yes, she is. You’d be mad, too, if your man forgot to thank you during his speech at the premiere of a movie that he directed.

Zendaya says it’s just the right thing to do.

Zendaya: “There’s something that you can find in any kind of relationship — sometimes it’s not even romantic — that you can relate to, I think, with these characters, whether it be just the acknowledgment of people that make it possible to do what you do, you know, just saying thank you to the ones around you, that are crucial to your work or to your life.”

Lucy Hale (as Carol Anne): “You want to jeopardize your whole life for some grand principle?

Lucas Till (as Bob Zellner): “Isn’t that what they’re doing?”

Brian Dennehy (as Grandfather): “Some of these boys around here, they really mean to do you some harm.”

Based on a true story, “Son of the South” shows why the grandson of a Klansman eventually joined the civil rights movement.

Spike Lee produced the movie, and it stars Cedric the Entertainer, Lucy Hale and Lucas Till.

Lance Henriksen (as Willis): “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

Viggo Mortensen (as John Peterson): “You asked me to come get you. You said you couldn’t handle the farm anymore.”

Lance Henriksen (as Willis): “I would never say that.”

Viggo Mortensen (as John Peterson): “You did, Dad.”

The love for a parent gets tested in “Falling,” when Viggo Mortensen tries to take care of his father. Problem is, Dad has dementia.

Viggo also wrote and directed the film, which is truly personal for him.

Viggo Mortensen: “Both my parents, my stepdad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, I’ve had a lot of experience with that.”

Laura Linney (as Sarah): “If heaven doesn’t want him, then hell keeps sending him back.”

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