(WSVN) - A couple other movies are hitting movie theaters. One serious. One kinda goofy. Here’s a look in this week’s “Showtime.”

Armie Hammer (as Samuel Turner): “Have you learned your lesson boy?

Nate Parker (as Nat Turner): “Oh yes sir. I’ve learned.”

“The Birth of a Nation” tells the powerful true story of Nat Turner, who after a life of slavery, decides to rise up and lead a slave rebellion. Nate Parker not only stars in the movie, he also wrote, produced and directed it. He tells us it’s a story that needs to be told.

Nate Parker: “I grew up 43 miles east of where his rebellion happened and never learned about him. Became an adult and learn about him, and I’m like man, this is my hero. This is someone that stood against injustice and history books would tell us that nobody stood against injustice.”

Andrew Daly (as Principal Dwight): “Everything you have on is breaking rule number 22.”

Griffin Gluck (as Rafe): “What’s rule number 22?”

Andrew Daly (as Principal Dwight): “The code of conduct- read it. Look what’s happening to your shirt, nobody needs to see where your chest hairs are going to be.”

A student with an active imagination and a problem with authority fights the power in “Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life.”

And his principal is never gonna know what hit him!

Griffin Gluck (as Rafe): “So yeah, this year’s gonna be fun.”

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