Mostly action, and a little bit of comedy. It’s what Deco aims for on a good day. Sadly, you’ll only find those things in new movies out this week. Here’s this week’s Showtime.

Radio Announcer: “If you are hearing this broadcast, seek shelter immediately.”

Morena Baccarin (as Allison Garrity): “What do you think it is?”

Gerard Butler (as John Garrity): “No idea.”

Morena Baccarin (as Allison Garrity): “Oh, my God! John, go!

The world is ending because a comet is heading straight for Earth? The disaster flick “Greenland” is so on brand for 2020.

Gerard Butler stars as a father trying to protect his family from an unstoppable threat.

Gerard Butler: “The comet has no feeling. It has no vengeance. It just is what it is, and in some ways that’s even more terrifying.”

Callan Mulvey (as Teek): “You remember how to use one of those things?”

Bruce Willis (as Clay): “What do you think?”

Space, weird alien-zombie things and a game Bruce Willis. “Breach” sounds like a wild ride.

A crew in space finds itself squaring off with deadly creatures that are apparently very hungry.

Bruce Willis (as Clay): “All right, who wants barbecue?”

Ahhh, maybe you guys should make a run for it. You’re gonna stay and fight? OK, then.

“Monster Hunter,” starring Milla Jovovich, is based on a video game series where a military unit battles giant monsters on another planet.

Milla Jovovich: “It was just so cool to be able to do the actual moves from the game in the movie and be able to practice that. That was so much fun.”

“Sister of the Groom” is clearly the non-action movie in Showtime this week.

Alicia Silverstone stars in the rom-com as a woman determined to destroy the newly minted marriage of her brother to his bride. Well, that’s not very nice.

Alicia Silverstone: “All kinds of chaos happens. There’s drugs, there’s other men. There’s all kinds of crazy things that happen in this movie around this wedding.”

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