Believe it or not, there are studios besides Disney making movies. Here’s a preview for you in this week’s Showtime.

Diego Luna (as Matteo): “We have a newborn baby, we just closed escrow. Do you want to split up?”

A relationship on the brink gets a wake-up call no one saw coming in “Wander Darkly.” But can a car accident bring new life to their love, even after one partner believes she woke up dead?

Sienna Miller and Diego Luna star in the emotional, metaphysical drama.

Sienna Miller: “It was so moving, and every time I read it, I felt emotional, I felt connected.”

Gemma Chan (as Karen): “Alice has a manuscript that’s due really soon. Everyone at the agency is getting a bit nervous, and I haven’t seen a manuscript. Have you seen a manuscript?”

Words are hard in the new movie “Let Them All Talk.”

Meryl Streep plays Alice, a famous author who’s working on her next book. But when a trip with old friends reopens old wounds, she realizes the real deadline is coming to terms with her past and fixing those relationships.

Rachel Brosnahan (as Jean): “Is Eddie OK?”

Arinzé Kene (as Cal): “Do you know what Eddie is?”

Rachel Brosnahan (as Jean): “That he’s a thief? Yes, I know what Eddie is. Is anybody looking?”

Don’t mess with Rachel Brosnahan. In “I’m Your Woman,” the actress plays a new mom whose hubby has double-crossed the wrong people. Now she’s on the run and doing whatever it takes to keep her baby safe.

Jamie Dornan (as Anthony): “There’s these green fields, and there’s us. Whatever that is, it holds me here.”

Emily Blunt (as Rosemary): “Oh, when he says those things.”

There’s nothing like a love story. Add some sexy accents, plus Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt, and you’re in for a good time.

“Wild Mountain Thyme,” to be exact. The two play star-crossed lovers in Ireland who get stuck in the middle of their family’s drama.

Matthew Glave (as Coach Tommy Bowden): “Now, Ray, these scholarships are yearly. You perform on the field, you perform in the classroom, and if you don’t, they take that all away.”

Jay Reeves (as Ray McElrathbey): “Yes, coach.”

Game on. “Safety” tells the true story of Ray McElrathbey, a former Clemson University football player who put everything on the line to secretly raise his little brother on campus while their mom was in rehab.

It’s a story of family, perseverance and teamwork.

Jay Reeves (as Ray McElrathbey): “These men are my brothers, too.”

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