In a pandemic, when you can’t go anywhere, movies let you go anywhere. Here’s a look at some escape options. From mommy issues to a prisoner’s parody, here’s a look at this week’s Showtime.

Claes Bang (as Captain Joseph Piller): “This was just found in Gurlitt’s hidden collection. It’s a Vermeer.”

Art is in the eye of the beholder.

“The Last Vermeer” is based on a true story that happened just after World War II ended.

In the movie, Guy Pearce is a Dutch artist believed to have sold valuable paintings to the Nazis, but during an investigation, he paints a different story about his life during the war.

Character in “Vanguard”: “The enemy has moved in.”

Jackie Chan stars in the action adventure movie, “Vanguard.”

In it, Jackie’s elite security company is hired to protect an accountant who’s being hunted by killers.

Sarah Paulson (as Diane Sherman): “I know I scared you, but I will spend every minute of our lives making sure you never feel that way again.”

We’ve heard of kids having mommy issues, but in the thriller “Run,” Sarah Paulson is the mom, and she’s the one with the issues!

Her daughter is disabled and starts to figure out her devoted mom may not have her best interest at heart.

Joe Berryman (as Sheriff Ross): “The thief and murderer Allison Wells sent five human souls to heaven. If you see this woman, do not confront her.”

Finn Cole (as Eugene Evans): “Are you OK?”

Margot Robbie (as Allison Wells): “Yeah.”

In “Dreamland,” Finn Cole plays a teenage bounty hunter during the Great Depression.

He tracks down and then falls for a fugitive played by Margot Robbie.

He’s gotta decide if he’s going to bring her in or join her on the run.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (as James Hook): “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

Jackie Chan (as Master): “You look better this way.”

In the “Iron Mask,” Jackie Chan goes head to head with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The “Governator” is a Tower of London guard in the 1700s, and Jackie is one of his prisoners in this fantasy adventure.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (as James Hook): “Where’s the dragon?”

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