OB-GYNs forced storks out of the baby delivery business, but the birds are keeping busy. And Denzel is back where he belongs, on a big screen. Here’s a look at what’s hitting theaters this weekend.

Stephen Kramer Glickman (as Pigeon Toady): “Have you seen a redheaded lady and a stork?”

Let us explain.

Like so many industries, storks have had to adjust to modern times.

In “Storks,” the big birds deliver packages for a global internet company, instead of babies.

Or at least they’re supposed to.

Andy Samberg (as Junior): “Storks don’t deliver babies anymore. If anyone finds out, I am dead meat.”

The stork factory accidentally produces a baby, and Junior, played by Andy Samberg, has to deliver it on the down low.

Katie Crown (as Tulip): “This is crazy. We’re delivering a baby!”

Peter Sarsgaard (as Bartholomew Bogue): “How many men, you say?”

I say there’s seven men, and that’s why it’s called “The Magnificent Seven!” Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt lead this group of outlaws who are out for revenge in this loose remake of the 1960 Western classic.

Denzel Washington (as Chisolm): “Took a job, looking for some men to join me.”

Chris Pratt (as Josh Faraday): “Is it difficult?”

Denzel Washington (as Chisolm): “Impossible.”

This is Denzel’s third movie with “Training Day” director Antoine Fuqua. And for him, making this movie all came down to one simple idea: putting Denzel Washington on a horse.

Antoine Fuqua: “I had a vision of him coming over the hill in a heatwave, dressed in black, and when I saw it on the screen, even when we shot it, it just gives me chills, man, because that’s the dream, to see Denzel Washington come over the hill on a horse. I was like, ‘I’m going to see that movie because I’m the audience. I’m going!'”

“Storks” and “The Magnificent Seven” are now playing in theaters.

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