(WSVN) - It’s almost Friday, Deco peeps, which can mean only one thing — new movies at the theater!

From feel good films to something a little more serious — check out what your weekend movie options are in today’s Showtime.

Eddie Murphy is Mr. Church, a cook hired to take care of a family for six months — and it turns into a lifelong gig.

Ed says: Don’t look for a life-changing message, just look to feel good.

Eddie Murphy: “It’s a true story and it’s just a really sweet, heartfelt movie.”

A Christian band from down under is rising up in “Hillsong: Let Hope Rise.”

The movie follows the faith-based band Hillsong United, and looks at what motivates them and their very faithful fans.

Joel Hillsong: “The whole premise of what we do is try to engage people and you gotta draw some attention to yourself in that process, but to point it at something deeper, something greater. That’s what we do. That’s our job. It’s the best job in the world.”

Joseph Gorden-Levitt (as Edward Snowden): “There’s something going on inside the government that’s really wrong and I can’t ignore it.”

Somebody’s watching you — Uncle Sam!

“Snowden” tells the true story of a highly intelligent man working in US intelligence, who finds out the war on terror means monitoring everyone’s digital footprint.

And it’s a role that made Joseph Gordon-Levitt think twice about being online.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “As great as we know the internet to be, there might also be things we should be thinking about.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as Edward Snowden) : “They are gonna come for me.”

Renée Zellweger (as Bridget Jones): “Dear diary, it’s sort of a funny story…”

Bridget Jones is back in “Bridget Jones’s Baby.”

Renée Zellweger (as Bridget Jones): “I’m pregnant!”

In this sequel — Bridget meets a hottie, and re-unites with her ex.

As a result — she’s a bit confused about her pregnancy.

Colin Firth (as Mark Darcy): “So you have no idea which of us is the father?”

Renée Zellweger — who plays Bridget — told Deco she’s excited to get back in character.

Renée Zellweger: “It was fun. It was exciting from the minute I got the script, and just so happy to get back in her world.”

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