Ben Affleck, Tom Holland, Chris Pratt. It’s gonna be a star studded weekend at the box office. Deco’s film connoisseur, Alex Miranda, is here with a look.

This weekend, Tom and Chris have some serious daddy issues happening in “Onward,” but first, Ben Affleck in a role that turned out to be deeply personal to him. It’s all in this week’s Showtime.

Ben Affleck (as Jack Cunningham): “I’ve made a lot of bad decisions. I have a lot of regrets.”

In the drama “The Way Back,” Ben Affleck is a former high school basketball star who gets the opportunity to coach his old team after becoming an alcoholic. A story which hits close to home.

Ben Affleck: “There are things that I feel shame about, for sure, but I think shame is really toxic and can be disruptive. There’s an interesting point that someone made to me, which is you’re not responsible for being alcoholic, but you are responsible for your actions.”

Shirley Henderson (as Margaret): “We’ve been working on this party for over a year. He wants it repair his reputation.”

Isla Fisher (as Samantha): “It’s all about image.”

It’s all about the money  in the British satire “Greed.”

Steve Coogan and Isla Fisher play rich exes with bad reputations, so they decide to throw a massive party to save face and their crumbling fashion empire.

Chris Pratt (as Barley Lightfoot): “Ahhh, he’s just legs. I definitely remember Dad having a top part.”

Tom Holland (as Ian Lightfoot): “Oh, what did I do? Hi!”

It’s adventure time!

In Disney and Pixar’s “Onward,” Chris Pratt and Tom Holland voice two teenage elf brothers trying to bring their dad back to life, but when a spell goes wrong, they have to figure things out before time is up.

Chris Pratt: “You’ll be moved to tears and tickled to laughter. It’s really entertaining. It’s visually stunning.”

Tom Holland: “I hope that everyone that leaves the cinema after watching this wonderful film will call their loved ones and tell them how much they love them and appreciate them.”

Tom Holland (as Ian Lightfoot): “Ta-da!”

Chris Pratt (as Barley Lightfoot): “Oh, that’s great! Dad, you look just like I remember.”

All three films hit SoFlo theaters this Friday.

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