This is the start of a big week for Kevin Hart, with his “Jumanji” sequel expected to kill it at the box office, and that’s why he’s leading off this week’s Showtime.

Dwayne Johnson (as Eddie): “Would you look at me? I haven’t looked like this since…”

Kevin Hart (as Milo): “Never. You looked like this never.”

Dwayne Johnson (as Eddie): “I think my eyes are a different color.”

Kevin Hart (as Milo): “All of you is a different color.”

Everybody in “Jumanji: The Next Level” goes through some mighty big changes. Some special guest stars join the original gang, led by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

The guys told us what the plan was behind making the sequel to the 2017 reboot.

Kevin Hart: “You want to have a message that people can take when they leave the theater and, you know, we have a family action-adventure movie. We would love to have a message that’s bringing people closer together.”

Dwayne Johnson: “We wanted to, obviously, expand the ‘Jumanji’ universe, have fun, create new characters, bring in new actors who people love.”

Sam Rockwell (as Watson Bryant): “Stop trying to be their best friend.”

Paul Walter Hauser (as Richard Jewell): “I was raised to respect authority.”

Sam Rockwell (as Watson Bryant): “The authorities are looking to eat you alive!”

Richard Jewell saved lives, but he quickly went from hero to the FBI’s top suspect. Clint Eastwood’s latest movie is based on the true story of the bombing at Atlanta’s 1996 Olympics and the frantic investigation that followed.

The story is extraordinary, and the chilling thing is, it’s also kind of relatable.

Clint Eastwood: “It could happen to a lot of people, mistakes, and it has happened to a lot of people. Somebody rushes to judgment, and that’s what they did on ‘Richard Jewell.'”

Imogen Poots (as Riley): “I’m worried that something bad happened.”

Police officer: “It’s winter break. It could just be a delay of some sort, snow.”

Imogen Poots (as Riley): “My friend is missing.”

Police officer: “Nine times out of 10, the girl’s just with a boyfriend.”

Things are getting scary at Hawthorne College. In “Black Christmas,” female students are showing up dead at an alarming rate. There’s a stalker on campus, but he’s about to meet his match as a group of women fight back.

Imogen Poots (as Riley): “What? This can’t be real.”

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