A trio of angels, a race to the finish and a deadly secret — but enough about me. Let’s take a look at what’s hitting theaters in this week’s Showtime.

Charlie’s Angels are back, saving the world from a dangerous new technology. The punches are harder, explosions bigger, and the iconic trio is telling a story better fit for 2019.

Elizabeth Banks: “These are not so much archetypes. really. On the page, we wrote really three-dimensional characters. It was all about the casting. Kristen is like a whirlwind of energy. She’s like a tornado in a room, and then Ella is like calm personified.”

Christian Bale (as Ken Miles): “So the great Carroll Shelby is going to build a car to beat Ferrari.”

Matt Damon and Christian Bale race for the checkered flag in “Ford v Ferrari.”

Damon plays racing legend Carroll Shelby, who butts heads with his British driver, Ken Miles. They push the limits to take Ford to the finish line ahead of the Italian sports car.

Evan Arnold (as SCCA Official): “What are they doing?”

Matt Damon (as Carroll Shelby): “Making your car faster.”

Christian Bale (as Ken Miles): “That’s more like it!”

Adam Driver (as Daniel Jones): “They waterboarded him 183 times. Everything they got from him was either a lie or something they already had.”

Adam Driver is searching for the truth in “The Report.” The film examines the real-life investigation into the CIA’s use of waterboarding on detainees. Of course, not everyone wants the truth to come out.

Adam Driver (as Daniel Jones): “They claimed they saved lives, but what they really did is make it impossible to prosecute!”

Helen Mirren (as Berry McLeish): “So tell me, have you done this a lot? Met people on the computer service?”

Helen Mirren is looking for love in “The Good Liar.” She should have swiped left.

Ian McKellen plays the man of her dreams, but it soon turns into a nightmare.

Helen Mirren (as Berry McLeish): “It’s very peculiar, doing things you’ve never imagined.”

Russell Tovey (as Stephen): “You don’t know him!”

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