(WSVN) - Mind melds, unwise adoptions and fast-growing super humans. It’s an odd mix at the box office. Here’s a look at the holiday weekend in tonight’s “Showtime.”

Michael Adamthwaite (as Doctor): “Did you see the news this morning? He was pushed.”

Jamie Dornan (as Dr. Allan Pascal): “Pushed? Who pushed him?”

In “The 9th Life Of Louis Drax,” a young boy hovers between life and death, and an superstar neurologist, played by Jamie Dornan, tries to go inside the kid’s mind and discover what really happened.

Jamie Dornan: “I think he’s just so intrigued, you know, he’s thirsty for knowledge.”

Michael Fassbender (as Tom Sherbourne): “She’s a healthy baby, but you can’t keep her.”

Alicia Vikander (as Isabel Graysmark): “She needs us, we’re not doing anything wrong.”

In “Light Between the Oceans,” a couple finds a baby and a body floating in the water.

They decide to raise the kid and never imagined how much could and would go wrong when the past, and the kid’s mom come back to haunt them.

Toby Jones (as Dr. Simon Ziegler): “It’s the next step in evolution. It’s bioengineered with synthetic DNA. Within a month, walking and talking.”

Call her a “fast-tracked” human being! “Morgan” is bioengineered, and Kate Mara’s task is to decide if she’s a bio-hazard!

The situation escalates quickly when a very angry Morgan gets loose.

Kate Mara (as Lee Weathers): “Where’s Morgan?”

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