Balloons are about to be super creepy again. “IT Chapter Two” is hitting theaters this weekend, but Pennywise the Clown has some competition at the box office. We’ve got a preview of this week’s new movies, so buckle up. It’s Showtime!

Bill Skarsgård (as Pennywise): “I dreamt of you. I craved you. I missed you!”

Can you tell Pennywise is excited for “IT Chapter Two”?

The sequel picks up 27 years after the 2017 original, when Pennywise returns to the town of Derry to do what he does best: be creepy.

It’s up to the losers club — now grown-ups — to defeat him for good this time.

Jessica Chastain, who stars as the adult version of Beverly, is a big fan of the story.

Jessica Chastain: “I love the message of people confronting their childhood traumas and learning that by facing them, they free themselves from them.”

Nature does the talking in the documentary “Aquarela.”

The visually stunning film explores the power of water all around the world.

Patch Darragh (as Doctor Falloway): “I want you to try losing 55 pounds.”

Jillian Bell (as Brittany): “That’s the weight of a Siberian Husky. You want me to pull the weight of a medium-size working dog off of my body.”

Brittany drinks. Brittany parties. Brittany’s unhealthy.

But now she’s motivated to get into shape!

In “Brittany Runs a Marathon,” Jillian Bell stars as a woman determined to change her lifestyle and compete in the New York City Marathon.

Micah Stock (as Seth): “You can do it.”

Jillian Bell (as Brittany): “I know, I’m doing it!”

Micah Stock (as Seth): “Sorry, I’m talking to myself.”

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