(WSVN) - A first-family romance, kids target a guy who can’t see and try to rob him blind and Jason Statham does what he does best … loud action stuff! It’s all in this week’s “Showtime.”

Jason Statham does all the things he’s good at to save a damsel in distress, played by Jessica Alba, in “The Mechanic: Resurrection.”

Jessica Alba (as Gina): “They’re relentless aren’t they…”

Jason Statham (as Arthur Bishop): “So am I.”

Statham told Deco why he prefers to stick to action roles.

Jason Statham: “Some people have an ability to do different things and I think this is my best. I mean these genre type films are better suited to me than maybe doing a courtroom drama.”

Usher Raymond as Sugar Ray Leonard: “Duran should fight no one but me. I don’t lose.”

Edgar Ramírez (as Roberto Durán): “You put him in the ring and I will beat him.”

“Hands of Stone” stars Edgar Ramírez and Usher as real-life boxing rivals, Roberto Durán and Sugar Ray Leonard. The film takes us inside their epic battles that are considered some of the best fights in the history of the sport.

Edgar Ramírez: “This is a story of a guy who rose from nothing, had it all, lost it all and then got back up and got it all again. So basically it’s a metaphor of life.”

Jane Levy (as Rocky): “Wait, is he blind?”

Dylan Minnette (as Alex): “Messed up to rob a blind guy isn’t it?”

Daniel Zovatto (as Money): “Just ’cause he’s blind don’t mean he’s a saint bro.”

In “Don’t Breathe” — bad kids mess with a really bad guy.

They hatch a plan to steal his secret stash, but just because he’s blind doesn’t mean he can’t see what’s going on. Let’s just say his other senses are heightened.

Tikita Sumpter (as Michelle Robinson): “He invited me to a community event.”

Fred Nance Jr. (as Fred Nance): “What’s this boy’s name?”

Tikita Sumpter: “Barack Obama.”

Fred Nance Jr. (as Fred Nance): “Barack oh what-ah?”

“Southside with You” takes us to the Southside of Chicago in 1989. We follow Barack Obama, played by Parker Sawyers, as he goes out on his first date with Michelle Robinson, played by Tikita Sumpter. And the rest is history. Tikita tells Deco she just hopes the president likes the movie.

Tikita Sumpter: “Of course I’m nervous but I know that we really did a good job and we put all of our heart into it. The script was written beautifully, and we shot it beautifully, and I hope that we do them justice and I hope that Sasha and Malia love it, because it’s their parents.”

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