A Beatles fantasy is hitting the big screen this weekend, and Annabelle is coming home. Get ready to sing and scream in this week’s Showtime.

Vera Farmiga (as Lorraine Warren): “Annabelle is a beacon for other spirits.”

Scares to good times. “Annabelle Comes Home” is about a possessed doll locked in a container and the family who has to keep her contained.

We don’t envy them — because when Annabelle got loose in Deco. We found out how scary she is.

*Lynn walks into her office*

*Lynn sees Annabelle sitting on her chair and gets scared*

Lynn Martinez: “[Expletive!] God! What the hell?! Get that thing out of my office. [Expletive!] Get it out! Get out! Get out! Get out! Get ooouuuuut!”

*Lynn pushes Annabelle out of her office*

*Shireen sits down and gets to work at a desk*

*Creepy music continues*

*Annabelle starts sneaking up behind Shireen*

Shireen Sandoval: “Woo, hey, Annabelle. You’re crazy, sneaking up on me like that. Come here. How have you been? Look at your dress. It’s so pretty. I love the hair. Give me a kiss. Oh, you’ve been sneaking up on everybody all day.”

*Shireen laughs maniacally*

Jimmie Fails (as Jimmie Fails): “I always come back to the older house. What if it’s empty?”

“The Last Black Man in San Francisco” tells the story of a young man trying to get back the house his grandfather built and the struggles he faces as he tries to reconnect with the family he left behind.

Himesh Patel (as Jack Malik): “Do you genuinely not know who the Beatles are?”

Lily James (as Ellie Appleton): “Genuinely.”

Himesh Patel (as Jack Malik): “Then I’m in a really, really, really complicated situation.”

Imagine this. A struggling songwriter gets in a bus accident and wakes up to find he’s the only one who remembers the Beatles.

That’s what happens in the movie “Yesterday.” And when he sings Beatles songs, he becomes an overnight sensation.

Himesh Patel plays that singer.

Himesh Patel: “There is some magic to their music. I’ve spent four months now playing these songs over and over and over again, rehearsing them and then doing take after take, and I’m not tired of any of them. There’s something about them that you just don’t get bored of it.”

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