A terror and a tenor hit the big screen this weekend, and they’re competing against toys! Here’s a look in this week’s Showtime.

Tom Hanks (as Woody): “These are your friends.”

Group of toys (in “Toy Story 4”): “Hello! Hi!”

Tony Hale (as Forky): “Aaaaah!!” *Forky faints*

Kristen Schaal (as Trixie): “Woody, I have a question. Well, actually, not just one. I have all the questions.”

Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the “Toy Story” gang are ready to play in “Toy Story 4.”

This time, there is a new toy in the mix: Forky.

Tony Hale is the voice behind this handcrafted spork with eyes.

Tony Hale: “I think why I resonate with this film is you can really see the community of these friends, and my friends that I have known for decades are a big support for me.”

Helen Mirren (as Olga): “Your next target is in Paris. There will be no back up. Any questions?”

Sasha Luss (as Anna): “Which room?”

Helen Mirren and Sasha Luss star in “Anna.”

It’s about a Russian model with killer looks — and the skills to match — since she’s a butt-kicking government assassin.

Speaker (in “Pavarotti”): “Pavarotti would attract hundreds of thousands of people. He became the global rock star.”

The documentary “Pavarotti” take us inside the life and career of legendary opera tenor, Luciano Pavarotti.

The film is directed by Ron Howard, who explained to Deco why he wanted to tell Pavarotti’s story.

Ron Howard: “He’s a household name. You recognize it, and yet you just do a little bit of reading, and you understand it’s a real interesting journey. Relatable and yet fascinating.”

Gabriel Bateman (as Andy Barclay): “Mom, I need to tell you something, and I need you to believe me. I think Chucky did something.”

Do not confuse this movie with “Toy Story 4.”

Chucky is back in “Child’s Play.”

A boy named Andy and his family move to a new city, and his mom gets him a special doll, but the doll is more sinister than soothing.

Gabriel Bateman (as Andy Barclay): “We have to stop him.”

Mark Hamill (as Chucky): “Goodnight, Andy.”

“Toy Story 4,” “Anna,” “Pavarotti,” and “Child’s Play” all hit theaters this Friday.

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