A teenage supervillain, good girls gone bad and Shakespeare are all hitting theaters this weekend, but we start with a fresh prince in this week’s Showtime.

Mena Massoud (as Aladdin): “Hey, can you make me a prince?”

Will Smith (as Genie/Mariner): “There is a lot of gray area in, ‘Make me a prince.’ I can just make you a prince.”

Mena Massoud (as Aladdin): “Oh, no.”

It’s a whole new world for “Aladdin” fans.

Disney’s live-action remake brings the story to life like you’ve never seen it before.

Will Smith, who plays the genie, says he found a way to make the character his own while still giving a nod to Robin Williams’ original.

Will Smith: “The idea of being able to modernize, to be able to pay homage to the original character, to be able to honor Robin, while at the same time giving a new voice to modernize the genie.”

Elizabeth Banks (as Tori Breyer): “Whatever you’ve done, I know there is good in you!”

He’s like Superman but bad!

“Brightburn” flips the entire genre on its head.

It’s about a boy who’s not from Earth, and when he finds out he has superpowers, he uses them for evil instead of good.

Elizabeth Banks, who plays the teen’s mom, says the movie is actually very relatable.

Elizabeth Banks: “Every parent wonders, ‘Am I responsible if they don’t turn out right? How much responsibility do I have? What are the limits of my unconditional love?'”

Judi Dench (as Anne Hathaway): “You went to London and became this great writer with a wife at home. You were hardly here. To us, you’re a guest. Good night, husband.”

He may be the greatest writer in the world, but he still has plenty of problems.

In “All is True,” William Shakespeare, played by Kenneth Branagh, is retired and heading home to face his neglected family, and he might have one story left to tell.

Beanie Feldstein (as Molly): “We have to go to a party tonight.”

Kaitlyn Dever (as Amy): “What?”

Beanie Feldstein (as Molly): “Let’s go to Nick’s party.”

Kaitlyn Dever (as Amy): “Are you kidding? No.”

In “Booksmart,” two honor students, played by Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein, realize they didn’t do anything fun in high school, and on their last night of school, the two best friends try to change their reputations.

Beanie Feldstein: “They are ride or die best friends, and they basically realize that they have been each other’s best friend and have been good at school but haven’t had that much fun.”

Kaitlyn Dever (as Amy): “Hand sanitizer.”

Beanie Feldstein (as Molly): “Check.”

Kaitlyn Dever (as Amy): Chapstick.”

Beanie Feldstein (as Molly): “Check.”

Kaitlyn Dever: “Mace. Listen, it is very important to make sure you keep the safety — Oh, oh. Don’t touch your eyes!”

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