“John Wick 3” is hitting theaters this weekend. It’s one of three new movie releases. We’ve got a preview in tonight’s Showtime.

Ian McShane (as Winston): “What do you need?”

Keanu Reeves (as John Wick): “Guns. Lots of guns.”

In “John Wick: Chapter 3: Parabellum,” Keanu Reeves is back as John Wick, but now the legendary hit man has a $14 million bounty on his head. All of his fellow assasins are now after him, and he has to do everything he can — because if you’ve seen any of these movies, it’s kill or be killed.

Since this is the third movie, Keanu tells us they have to outdo the first two “John Wicks.”

Keanu Reeves: “As you keep going, there’s this kind of idea of, like, ‘OK, how can you do more? How do you raise the bar?’ And we were like, ‘Yeah, we have to do that.'”

Dennis Quaid (as Ethan): “When you come back the next time, take care of CJ. She needs you like I needed you.”

Josh Gad (as Bailey, voice of): “And then, it happened. I was a puppy again!”

That’s a good dog!

“A Dog’s Journey” is the sequel to “A Dog’s Purpose.” It’s about Bailey the dog creating a bond with a new human, and being by her side through the good times and bad.

Charles Melton (as Daniel Bae): “What if I told you I could get you to fall in love with me? Just give me a day.”

Yara Shahidi (as Natasha Kingsley): “An hour.”

“The Sun Is Also a Star” follows Natasha and Daniel, who meet by chance and quickly fall in love, since they only have one day together. That’s because Natasha’s family is about to be deported.

Stars Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton told us they’ve thought a lot about how they’d spend their final 24 hours.

Yara Shahidi: “We both settled upon it just being important that we’re with our family, our friends and our loved ones.”

Yara Shahidi (as Natasha Kingsley): “All we have is a single day.”

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