If you’ve already seen “Avengers: Endgame” three times, you may be ready for another movie. Five new films hit theaters this weekend, including one with presidential ambitions. Here’s a look in this week’s Showtime.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. (as Lance): “Is the secretary of state looking at us?”

Seth Rogan (as Fred Flarsky): “I kind of know her.”

O’Shea Jackson Jr. (as Lance): “That’s like kind of knowing a mermaid, dude. You tell people that.”

In “Long Shot,” Charlize Theron is the secretary of state who just announced she’s running for president. Seth Rogen is the kid she used to babysit and gets hired to be her speech writer. As they spend more time together, a romance starts to blossom.

When Deco talked to Seth, he told us there’s a fine line between having politics in a movie and it not being a political movie.

Seth Rogen: “We did not want to make a movie that was controversial or alienating to anyone, but we did want to make a movie that felt reflective of our time.”

Kelly Clarkson (singing as Moxy): “Hello, gorgeous. Let’s check out how you look today.”

If you’re thinking that sounds a lot like Kelly Clarkson, you’re right! In “UglyDolls,” she stars as Moxy, and the movie takes a look at what it means to be different.

Pitbull lends his voice to a character named Uglydog, and when Deco sat down with him, he told us the message of the movie couldn’t be more timely.

Pitbull: “You have a lot of kids who are worried about followers and likes instead of being leaders and unique, and when you see that imperfection is perfection, that’s what this movie is all about.”

Raúl Castillo (as Diego/Pedro): “I have to do what’s right. I have to become this.”

When an LA cop from the barrio uncovers clues that might explain the death of his criminal brother, he assumes the identity of “El Chicano,” a Mexican vigilante who’ll stop at nothing to get justice.

Judy Dench (as Joan Stanley): “It’s like a nightmare. I can’t believe it’s happening.”

Dame Judy Dench stars in “Red Joan.”

It’s the true story of an elderly woman living in the English countryside who’s discovered to be one of the most notorious World War II spies in British history.

Dennis Quaid (as Charlie Peck): “This house is yours now.”

Meagan Good (as Annie Russell): “We’ll take good care of her.”

Dennis Quaid (as Charlie Peck): “I’m gonna hold you to that.”

In “The Intruder,” Dennis Quaid has a hard time letting go of the house that’s been in his family for three generations. When he finally sells it to a young couple, played by Michael Ealy and Meagan Good, things get a little creepy.

Michael Ealy: “He was bold. He was willing to go places. He was willing to push us, and I think he raised the bar.”

Dennis Quaid (as Charlie Peck): “It’s hard to say goodbye.”

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