From an alien invasion to the return of a legendary teen detective, there’s plenty to see at the movies this weekend. You want a love story about beating the odds? How about an imaginary amusement park that makes a surprise comeback? These four fab films are featured in this week’s Showtime.

Haley Lu Richardson (as Stella): “Let me guess. You’re the kinda guy who ignores the rules ’cause it makes you feel in control. Am I right?”

Cole Sprouse (as Will): “You’re not wrong.”

Haley Lu Richardson (as Stella): “You think that’s cute?”

Cole Sprouse (as Will): “Do you think it’s cute?”

In “Five Feet Apart,” Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson are two hospital-bound teenagers dealing with the same life-threatening disease.

They’re not allowed to get close to one another for fear of infection, but when love comes calling, that rule is put to the test.

John Goodman (as William Mulligan): “The team goes tonight.”

James Ransone (as Patrick Ellison): “You ready?”

Character (in “Captive State trailer): “No one gets taken alive.”

Vera Farmiga (as Jane Doe): “Hello, Gabriel.”

Life in Chicago can be tough.

Trying to overthrow an alien takeover of the town makes it that much tougher.

“Captive State” is a sci-fi thriller about a group of windy city residents who try to take their city and their country back from extraterrestrial rule.

John Oliver (as Steve): “Hello, my name is Steve.”

Mila Kunis (as Greta): “I know who you are.”

Kenan Thompson (as Gus): “You know who we are?”

Mila Kunis (as Greta): “My mom and I invented this place, and somehow, you came to life.”

Ken Jeong (as Cooper): “We’re alive? Ow! What the chuck?”

A kid concocts a make-believe amusement park.

She gets a little older and forgets about it.

When it comes to life, she needs to save it before zombie chimpanzees destroy it.

That’s the story of “Wonder Park.”

Sounds good to us.

Sophia Lillis (as Nancy Drew): “Since moving to this nowhere town, I’m still waiting for an ounce of excitement.”

Zoe Renee (as George Fayne): “Nancy Drew! Check it out! The creepy Twin Elms house has gone viral!”

Nancy Drew is back on the case.

In “Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase,” the teen detective is rebooted into the 21st century with all her investigative skills intact.

You know it’s got to be good.

Ellen Degeneres’ production company made the movie happen.

Sophia Lillis (as Nancy Drew): “Things just stop making sense.”

“Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase,” “Wonder Park,” “Captive State” and “Five Feet Apart” hit theaters on Friday.

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