Intrigue beneath the sea. The perils of war. A writer fades away. A silly spy returns. Four very different, very entertaining movies are hitting theaters this weekend. Here’s a taste of them in this week’s Showtime.

Gerard Butler (as Captain Joe Glass): “I risked my men. I risked my ship because it was the right thing to do. This is about our future.”

When a Russian admiral goes rogue, the entire planet finds itself on the verge of World War 3.

In “Hunter Killer,” a U.S. nuclear submarine is tasked with the job of stopping all hell from breaking loose.

Gerard Butler plays the submarine captain. He told Deco about the unpredictability of life in a submarine.

Gerard Butler: “And they make preparations for every possibility of what may happen on any mission, and yet they said even that it’s still gonna go wrong. It’s still something else is gonna happen.”

Sarah Drew (as Heather Turner): “I wanna know why you somehow have it in you to show up for those men when you refuse to do it for your own wife and kids.”

Justin Bruening (as Darren Turner): “Those men need me.”

Sarah Drew (as Heather Turner): “I need you.”

“Indivisible” tells the true-life story of a married Army chaplain whose family life is pushed to the brink when he’s unexpectedly shipped off to Iraq. Sarah Drew and Justin Bruening star.

Julian Wadham (as Top Hat): “It was wrong and I have paid.”

Rupert Everett (as Oscar Wilde): “We’ll make a Catholic of you yet.”

Colin Firth (as Reggie Turner): “Unlike dear Jesus, you have luggage.”

Don’t be thrown by the title. “The Happy Prince” focuses on the last days of the legendary and controversial Irish writer, Oscar Wilde.

Once the toast of English high society, Wilde is now penniless and living on memories of his successes and failures.

Ben Miller (as Bough): “Sir!”

Rowan Atkinson (as Johnny English): “Yes, all right, Bough. We’re going on a mission, not a honeymoon.”

Ben Miller (as Bough): “Yes, of course.”

He’s back when his country needs him most. Rowan Atkinson returns in “Johnny English Strikes Again.”

When the identity of every British secret agent is revealed in a cyber attack, Johnny comes out of retirement to crack the case in his own unique way.

Rowan Atkinson (as Johnny English): “She’s the key to this case.”

Olga Kurylenko (as Ophelia): “I’m not sure I’ve ever met a man quite like you.”

Rowan Atkinson (as Johnny English): “Let me clear up the uncertainty for you. You haven’t.”

“Hunter Killer,” “Indivisible,” and “Johnny English Strikes Again” hit theaters on Friday, while “The Happy Prince” is already out.

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