Old habits come back to haunt someone trying to start a new life, “Teen Titans” go Hollywood and middle school can be rough. Plus, Tom Cruise is doing the impossible … again! Here’s a look in this week’s “Showtime.”

Alec Baldwin (as Alan Hunley): “Recover the plutonium or save your team. You chose your team and now the world is at risk.”

Tom Cruise is heading out on another impossible mission!

In “Mission: Impossible – Fallout,” he pulls out all the stops — hanging from a helicopter, stunt driving motorcycles, jumping from building to building and his most dangerous stunt yet? Skydiving from 25,000 feet.

Tom Cruise: “We would rehearse it all day. We had to do a breathe up and breathe for an extended period of time beforehand because the air is so thin up there and you don’t want to make a mistake.”

Scott Menville (as Robin): “If we can make him our arch-nemesis then they will see we are worthy of a movie.”

The “Teen Titans” are taking their superhero characters from the small screen on Cartoon Network to the big screen in “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.”

Elsie Fisher (as Kayla): “By the way, I like your shirt a lot. It’s like so cool.”

Nora Mullins (as Steph): “What?”

Remember how awkward you felt at 13? If not, “Eighth Grade” will remind you.

It’s the story of a suburban girl trying to make some sense out of a crazy world in her last week of middle school.

Daveed Diggs (as Collin): “I’ve got three days left on this probation when you’ve got that gun on you just don’t tell me about it.”

“Blindspotting” takes us to Oakland where Collin, played by Daveed Diggs is about to finish probation and start a new life, but his best friend keeps dragging him into bad situations.

The film is equal parts drama and comedy and touches on some hot button issues like police shootings.

Daveed Diggs: “We box things in for film a lot to make it digestible I think, so we can label this a drama or label this a comedy, but I’ve never felt one thing at a time in my life.”

Daveed Diggs (as Collin): “Every time you come around, you monsters got me feeling like a monster in my own town!”

“Teen Titans Go! To the Movies,” “Eighth Grade” and “Blindspotting” hit theaters July 27.

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