Shopping and complimentary wine at “Vogue on the Vine”

An evening of sipping and shopping… sounds like heaven, right ladies? A very cool place in the 954 is offering free wine and the chance to check out the hippest fashion trends. Deco’s Chris Van Vliet has all the deets to set you up for a great night.

It happens every week, and it’s called “Vogue at the Vine.” Guys, we’re welcome to go too, but it’s the ladies who are treated like gold.

Every Thursday night at Rhythm and Vine in Fort Lauderdale, it’s time for Vogue at the Vine.

Ashley Evans, Rhythm and Vine employee: “So we have fashion vendors that come in from local areas, mostly Fort Lauderdale, and then we also do our ladies’ night from 7 to 10.”

And we like to call those three hours “wine time.”

Ashley Evans: “We offer complimentary pinot grigio and rosé.”

And we all know that fine wine is delicious wine! If you and your BFFs want a little something extra between your glasses of wine, $5 gets you a “green tea shot.” A little Jameson Whiskey, a little peach liqueur, a little sour mix — but guess what?

Bartender: “There’s actually no green tea in it.”

While you’re quenching your thirst, you can peruse whatever products are available for purchase that night. Deco discovered vegan nail polish from LVX, hand-made eco-friendly bags, courtesy of Bags from Beyond, and too-cute fashions in the Sugar Luxe Society boutique truck parked right outside.

Dayanara Soto, Sugar Luxe Society owner: “The crowd is wonderful so you have an eclectic mix, and that’s what we love because you have a variety of ages.”

Vogue at the Vine Thursdays runs until the end of June. Don’t miss a chance to chill in a most enjoyable way.

Liana, attendee: “Oh, I love it. It’s great. It’s ladies’ night. We come here, we get free wine, can’t complain about that. We have a great time. Just hanging out with friends.”

One of the great things about Vogue at the Vine is that different vendors show up each week. So you can make it there every Thursday and see a ton of new stuff, and, of course, the free wine doesn’t hurt either.

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