Who doesn’t love a good shopping spree? Especially when there’s a good sale. Do people willingly pay full price for things? Deco’s checking out a spot that’s offering a real deal this weekend.

Get ready to shop till you drop! MuurSwagg in Miami is opening up their warehouse for a super sale.

Jael Roumain, MuurSwagg: “This Saturday, we’re having our annual summer garage sale. Everything that your closet, your wardrobe needs, we have it.”

Here’s how it works. On Saturday MuurSwagg will sell these cute tote bags for $50.

The good news?

Jael Roumain: “They can just pretty much fill that bag up, like, fill it up with as much as they can. As long as it’s not spilling out the bag. It’s $50, and if it’s in there, you take it home. It’s all yours.”

With racks on racks of clothes to choose from, you can grab maxi dresses in fun prints, matching sets, even jeans.

And, of course, tons of accessories.

Jael Roumain: “We have handbags, we have sunglasses, so you can pretty much get a whole, complete outfit for $50.”

Saturday’s sale will also have some super unique finds.

Jael Roumain: “Some pieces we haven’t even released yet. It may be a vintage piece that we have, so it’ll definitely be like one-of-a-kind pieces.”

Now, only one customer will be allowed inside at a time, and wearing a mask or shield is a must.

Jael Roumain: “We do want to make it like an intimate shopping experience, so it’s not like you’re gonna be fighting for the clothes and, ‘Oh, my God, I gotta get that first before she gets it.'”

OK, it’s time to talk tips.

Jael Roumain: “If you see it, grab it, because the next person will definitely get it. You can strategize. We do have handbags in there, so you can probably throw, like, maybe four earrings in the handbag that’s inside of your tote bag.”

Don’t forget to fold smartly to maximize your space, and remember: there’s always room for one more tiny purse.

Staci Oyefesobi, customer: “It was an amazing deal. Fifty dollars and I loaded this bag up? Can’t beat it. Got earrings, got purses, got jeans. Got a dress to go out with my husband. I’m, like, really excited about this.”

20210 NE 15th Ct.
Miami, FL, 33179

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