People say it all the time: shop local, but we don’t always do it because of our Amazon addiction, but now, shopping locally is more convenient than ever. For more, here’s Alex Miranda: a man determined to deliver his package.

And always on time.

Now girls, shopping local is even more important these days, but now, we have a reason to maybe do a little less Amazon shopping and browse a website that’s showcasing a bunch of SoFlo vendors.

Lynn knows what I’m talking about.

Alex Miranda: “Hey, Lynn, did you get a chance to read that script?”

Lynn Martinez: “Hold on, Alex. I just need to put something in my Amazon cart. Oh, my God! I want to support local, but I’m addicted to Amazon! They make it so easy! You know what that’s like, right?!”

Alex Miranda: “Uh, actually I don’t, Lynn! That’s really terrible! You have to support local businesses. You know what? I actually know about a place that’s like the South Florida version of Amazon called Vecinos Market.”

Lynn Martinez: “Really?!?!?!”

Alex Miranda: “Come on. Have I ever let ya down? For real, honestly. Think about that. Never happened, never will!”

Lynn Martinez: “You know what? He’s right. He’s a little weird, but he’s right!”

Shop ’til you virtually drop on Vecinos Market!

Ivonne Chen, owner: “We wanted to create a platform where you could find and shop local really easy.”

Ivonne Chen co-founded Vecinos, which is Spanish for “neighbors.”

Ivonne Chen: “It’s a neighborly spirit. We want to support each other.”

Vecinos features more than 100 local vendors with products like food and drinks, bath and beauty and jewelry, to name a few categories.

Ivonne Chen: “It really spans the gamut.”

So say you want fresh burrata? Vecinos has partnered with Mimmo’s Mozzarella Italian Market in North Miami. Cheesy!

You can also get a floral arrangement from Atelier Belladonna and some ice cream from Frice Cream, both inside The Citadel food hall.

Don’t stop there! There are more sweet treats from Sarahlú Confections in Miami Shores.

Ivonne Chen: “We exist to promote all the local businesses in Miami, together. It’s about making sure that people who already have the intention to shop local, know how they can find it.”

You order from Vecinos, they go pick everything up from the local shops and deliver it right to you.

Hernan Crespi, customer: “It’s critical to support all local vendors and support business, so I think we all need to do our part.”

So, it’s convenient for you and a weight lifted off the shoulders of local business owners.

Sarah Tafur, Sarahlú Confections: “By having them, it’s a lot of work that I’m eliminating. They just take care of that. As a small business, you don’t always have the whole team to do all the deliveries, all the PR and all that stuff.”

South Florida has so many awesome small businesses.

Vecinos Market wants to make sure they’re just a click away.

Ivonne Chen: “We’re really going out there to try and find the best that Miami has to offer, and then, make it easy for you to discover them.”

Delivery in Miami-Dade is free on orders over $100.


Vecinos Market

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