Shop and eat at Whole Foods Market Dadeland

There’s something cooking at a new Whole Foods location. Deco Drive retail trend reporter Chris Van Vliet is here with more.

How many times have you been grocery shopping and you’re thinking, “I wish I could just eat right now?” This new Whole Foods has solved that problem!

There’s a new Whole Foods in the Dadeland area — and there’s something new in the Whole Foods!

Carlye Wisliceny, Whole Foods: “El Bocadillo is a gastropub in a Whole Foods Market. It has a great mix of Latin and Caribbean flavors that influence the menu.”

You know the saying — don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

Well, forget it — because you’ll want to bring your appetite here so you can hit El Bocadillo Cafe and Bar.

Carlye Wisliceny: “It’s one of a kind to our Miami stores.”

From salads to soups to seafood, you’ll find all your favorites Whole Foods favorites.

But now, there’s a new one.

Carlye Wisliceny: “You can order special dishes that you aren’t going to find in our prepared food hot bar, you’re not gonna find in the grab-and-go in other stores.”

And this healthy food is anything but boring.

Carlye Wisliceny: “One of our top dishes is lionfish ceviche. If you don’t know, lionfish is an invasive species, and we’ve taken the opportunity to create this unique dish.”

Go for braised pork shoulder on cilantro rice, chicharrones, or even one of their unique burgers.

Carlye Wisliceny: “Miami is known for its Frita Burger, and we knew if we were gonna do that, we had to do it good. It’s got pork chorizo, ground beef, frita potato sticks, mayo, ketchup.”

Even the pizzas are a whole lot different.

Carlye Wisliceny: “Why get a regular pizza when you can get a beefsteak chimichurri pizza with chimichurri steak?”

Talk about a Miami-esque pie! They’ve got one with croquettes, chorizo, olives and onions on it.

Carlye Wisliceny: “Not only did we want to bring authentic flavors from the community, but we also partnered with our local suppliers like Versailles to source the croquettes.”

And if you are the type to get thirsty while shopping…

Carlye Wisliceny: “The great opportunity here is, you can have beer a wine glass, sit down and have a few sips, but if you want to get going on your shopping ways, grab a to-go cup and enjoy the rest of your shopping.”

Kelly Pearson, customer: “It’s a very different concept, but I feel like it’s very cool because you can have a drink and go around and shop a bit.”

Now you can spend your whole day at Whole Foods.

El Bocadillo is open for breakfast, and they have happy hour from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Whole Foods Market Dadeland
7930 SW 104 St.
Miami, FL 33156
(305) 969-5800

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