Suited Up


“Suiting Up” for fall; inspired by the fabulous fashions featured in the new movie: “A Simple Favor.” Now, can someone pass me a martini?


I bought my first suit more than two decades ago at a strip mall outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. God, I loved it. It was bright red with a sassy side tie (think the top half of a DVF dress) and in true 90’s style, it came with matching pants that featured a slightly flared leg. I felt like a million bucks in it and even though it was made out of a suffocating wool blend, I wore the crap out of it. It was proper and serious with just the right amount of pizzazz.

It was my go-to outfit for dozens of auditions before scoring my first big break hosting news cut-in’s at a local television station in Amarillo, Texas — after that, it became a wardrobe staple. It gave me confidence and, in turn, I performed better — if you call white-knuckling it and hoping for the best when the tally light came on as “better”. Lol. I was so inexperienced, yet wearing that suit was a complete revelation: it was the first time I felt the power of fashion and how wearing something that I truly loved made me feel good about myself. ❤️

Isn’t it funny how a certain article of clothing can take you back in time and remind you of pivotal moments in your life? Years later, the thought of that red suit is still deeply rooted in the memories of my budding television career. Eventually, it wore out on me: reporting on brush fires, chasing storms and schlepping all over the High Plains of Texas did a number on it. It was torn, tattered and drenched in hard work; I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

When the time came to give it away, I became silly & sentimental and instead, folded it like a military uniform and put it in a plastic bin with a handful of mothballs. I still remember the sound of the lid when I sealed it: “click, click, click” and just like that, my sassy red suit was officially cataloged into the scrapbook of my life.

Since then, I’ve owned and worn A LOT of different suits and while the evolution of the garment has woven its way in and out of my wardrobe for years (especially as a broadcast journalist,) it’s also taken its place in fashion history. And while being “Suited Up” is always a good idea because the look is so versatile, its popularity has soared this fall even more, thanks to actress Blake Lively and her new movie: “A Simple Favor.”

Blake plays Emily, a mysterious and chic fashion exec who suddenly goes missing. A stylish and suspenseful game of cat-and-mouse ensues as her best friend, played by Anna Kendrick, goes looking for her. Not only is it a great thriller, it’s a film that manages to breathe new life into the already popular “Suited Up” trend. In the movie, Blake is dripping in gorgeous jackets, vests, trousers, and two-toned loafers sure to make any fashionista drool with envy.

Believe it or not, the masculine-feminine costume choices were initially Blake’s idea, inspired by the film’s director, Paul Feig — whose style is nothing short of a walking magazine ad. Paul has an unprecedented fashion sense, especially for a man…think Bugsy Siegel meets Sherlock Holmes mixed in with a little bit of James Bond. #Dashing #Suave & #Handsome. When he heard Blake’s idea of taking his “Suited Up” sensibility and translating it into her character’s on-screen wardrobe, he immediately gave it the green light.

That’s where Costume Director, Renee Ehrlich Kalfus, comes in. Not only did she comb over couture designs by Helmet Newton and Chanel, she also made mood boards featuring classic photos of actresses like Marlene Dietrich and Lauren Bacall. #SuitDivas Ultimately, though, she enlisted the help of Ralph Lauren who generously loaned some of his vintage pieces to help bring the “Suited Up” look to life on the big screen.

Putting my own spin on the trend for #FavoriteThings was fun and interesting because let’s face it, this much material in South Florida is a novelty. Still, there’s nothing like shiny textures, bold prints and accessories that’ll turn heads. Whether you go boxy, baggy, fitted or total 80’s glam, getting “Suited Up” is definitely this season’s must-have trend and that’s why it’s one of my Favorite Things. #ShakenNotStirred, please.

PS- I still own my first sassy red suit.


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