Reimagining L George Designs

New jewelry pieces by L George Designs

Being inspired by fall fashion is tough when you live in the tropics, but thanks to Jewelry Designer, Lisa George, I’m finally in the mood. It’s all because of the earthy “Reimagining” of her already popular line, L George Designs.

If you’re not familiar with her creations, Lisa crafts and then creates bold and beautiful pieces from mixed metals, using Swarovski Crystals to accentuate and illuminate necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. I first introduced her last year in a heartfelt blog called “Precious Metals.”

I came to find out we had way more than just fashion in common: illness, recovery, health, love, wellness and a passion for peace in our lives and for our loved ones are all areas we share. Fast forward almost a year later and Lisa is still inspiring me and breathing new life into my everyday fashion game.

This fall, she’s kicking things up a notch by adding exciting new textures to her pieces, including premium-oiled leathers and gorgeous hand-picked natural stones. The new additions are called “The Sedona Collection,” which happens to be one of Lisa’s favorite places on planet earth.

She recently visited Sedona, Arizona and fell head over heels in love with its natural beauty and calming energy. Believe me, I get it: I’m a New Mexico girl and the Southwest holds this magical kind of charm that’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it. Lisa was so inspired by the desert, she knew she had to incorporate its unbridled earthiness into her Fall 2016 Collection.

I especially love her new cuffs where she combines leather, crystals and chains for what she describes as an “edgy vintage feel.” I also love her statement necklaces, like the green agate I’m wearing in the blog. After putting that bad boy on I was like, “bring it on fall and anything else for that matter.”

That’s the great thing about jewelry, too. You can express the fashioning of the cooler months without wearing heavy clothing; just put on one of Lisa’s statement pieces and viola! You’re all fall’d up and ready to go, minus the tropical sweat. Let’s be honest: us South Florida fashionistas are looking at another three months (at least) before we can even mildly work our boot and sweater weather.

While I love the evolution of L George Designs, I still cling tightly to why Lisa created her line in the first place. She was healing from breast cancer and wanted something to showcase: “The resilience and resourcefulness of women in the face of adversity.” Most of us can identify with her mission, if not in our own way.

Perhaps, though, it’s what comes after all the trials and tribulations that matters most. Growing, changing and “Reimagining” life and all of its infinite possibilities, those things are the true hidden gems and that’s why L George Jewelry is one of my favorite things.


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“We can’t be creative if we refuse to be confused. Change always starts with confusion: cherished interpretations must dissolve to make way for the new.” —
Margaret Wheatley

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Special thanks to Lisa George

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