Shireen’s Favorite Things

Oprah, Undressed

Oprah and I collided pretty hard – literally. It happened when she was eagerly stepping out of her interview suite and I was eagerly stepping in.Read More

Cape Fear

Okay, so, there are a lot of different ways I could go with this blog. I’ll get to that in a minute, but first thingsRead More

Southwest Style In (Depp)th

His lips were moving, but I’m not altogether sure what Johnny Depp was saying. While he peppered me with small talk, I was busy staring past himRead More

You L-E-D up my life

The Fourth of July on Miami Beach blows, literally. Everyone and their brother (and cousin, for that matter) buys a handful of fireworks, heads toRead More

The Widow Hat

The rain beat down so hard on the windshield it was like God himself was mad. May didn’t care though, she kept driving under theRead More

The Gallant Gladiator

The Gallant Gladiator a blog story… I know it didn’t happen in slow motion but it felt that way. My feet danced around me; forward andRead More