Shine bright with this spring’s glitter trends

A little sparkle never hurt nobody, and when it comes to blinged out fashion trends, more sparkle is better! We’re checking out a trend that’s sure to have all eyes on you.

Rise and shine, ladies!

Sparkle season is here, and it’s never been easier to stand out.

Shannon Saint Clair, boutique owner: “When I see a lady wearing sequins, I think of three things: she’s bold, sexy and confident.”

Sequins are hot right now.

Just ask celebs like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Khloe Kardashian, J-Lo and Sofia Vergara.

Online boutique owner Shannon Saint Clair knows all about the trends, and she thinks these looks will bring that extra razzle-dazzle factor anywhere you go.

Shannon Saint Clair: “I could see girls wearing these sequin outfits all over South Florida on date nights, at a restaurant, to the club, going shopping in the mall.”

You can even wear ’em to work.

Lynn personally loves sequins because they make her happy. You could be feeling not so great about yourself, and you put on sequins, and you’re like, “Ba-bam! I’m here!”

Heading to the beach or pool?

No need to leave your sequins at home, because Liliana Montoya Swimwear has you covered

Liliana Montoya, designer: “The secret of the sequin bikinis is that it brings you that sophisticated, that luxury, that absolutely stunning ‘wow’ factor. You can wear a bikini day and night, and you can expect all eyes on you.”

Sequin bathing suits are definitely making a splash, and they are Mariah Carey and Elizabeth Hurley approved!

Looking for a more subtle way to add a little sparkle to your life?

Oh My Gel in Miami has really nailed this trend.

Teresita Hernandez, nail technician: “It’s springtime. Lots of glitter, lots of sparkles. Everyone loves it.”

Glitter by itself is fun, but gel polish and sequins take things up a notch.

Teresita Hernandez: “Sequin nails tend to be a much chunkier glitter, and it’s more a combination of laying the glitters side by side to each other, and you can even ombré the color under the glitter.”

And it’s totally personalized!

The attention to detail pretty much guarantees you’ll be rocking a unique mani that lasts.

Teresita Hernandez: “It’s so versatile, it’s really elegant and it’s something a little different. We like to get really inspired by stuff that’s not usually norm. Makes it a little bit more custom and unique, which the clients totally love.”


Shannon Saint Clair
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