People are saving what’s most important to them in “The Gateway.” For some it’s children. For others, drugs or gas station wine.

I’d like to think you can have both.

For more, here’s our human happy pill, Alex Miranda.

Girls, “The Gateway” is a sit on the edge of your seat thriller. But just don’t fall off, because that could hurt.

The question here is, is it OK to break the law when you’re protecting your loved ones? If so, I have a credit card bill to pay off.

Shea Whigham (as Parker): “My name is Parker and I am with Social Services. I need police and paramedics, I have a female DOA.”

How far will you go to protect the innocent?

Olivia Munn (as Dahlia): “Why are you helping us?”

Shea Whigham (as Parker): “No one helped me when I needed it most.”

In “The Gateway,” Shea Whigham is Parker, a social worker with a dark past.

Shea Whigham: “People like Parker can’t take care of himself, so he takes care of others to make him, to help him on his journey.”

Dahlia, played by Olivia Munn, is a single mom trying to get by.

Olivia Munn: “She is someone who is living with a lot of fear and anxiety and having to suppress all that so that she can survive and try to thrive for her and her daughter.”

Dahlia’s husband gets out of jail, and gets mixed up with a drug ring, led by Frank Grillo’s character, Duke.

Frank Grillo (as Duke): “The prodigal son is home.”

Frank Grillo: “He’s the guy who he knows what he can do and get away with without there being too many consequences.”

A drug robbery goes wrong, Dahlia and her daughter are caught in the middle, and Parker will do anything to save them, including break the rules.

Shea Whigham: “When you have a child and someone whether it’s teacher, a nanny, or a grandparent and they take care of that child, there is nothing more important than that.

Even the good guys are a little bad in “The Gateway.”

We really wanted to know, what makes a good guy go bad?

Frank Grillo: “You never thing of yourself as the bad guy, right? ‘Cause I just think I’m a guy, and I’m doing what I need to do to live. Some of it’s bad, some of it’s good.”

That’s deep!

Shea Whigham: “There are no good and bad. You’re watching human beings just try to survive in a lot of ways.”

“The Gateway” is out in theaters and on-demand this Friday.

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