The right accessories can really make or break an outfit. Deco is off to the races, and we’re not just talking about the track.

Hats off to the Kentucky Derby.

The annual race isn’t just one of the biggest sporting events of the year — it’s a full-on fashion fiesta.

Suzy Buckley Woodward, owner, “Saturday is the Kentucky Derby. The day before, Friday, is traditionally known as Ladies Day, and it’s sort of a pink-themed day, so you wanna incorporate some type of pink into your outfit.”

Suzy Buckley Woodward knows all about high-end headwear, and her online boutique is all about helping ladies find the perfect outfit-topper.

Suzy Buckley Woodward: “The hats and fascinators that I sell on are very modern, sophisticated headpieces. It pulls everything together, and it adds like a touch of elegance.”

There’s a hat for every dress and style — from the big statement-makers, to more low-key, chic choices.

Carol Iacovelli, customer: “The first time I wore a hat like this, I was very, very shy, and I feel like I stood out like a peacock in a room, but I’m more and more comfortable now.”

Elizabeth Beracasa, customer: “You’re kind of like a little bit of a princess, queen, whatever. You’re kind of the star, and there’s a camaraderie among us.”

Looking to really turn heads at the derby? Suzy’s got the inside scoop on some of the hottest hat trends for spring.

Suzy Buckley Woodward: “If you wanna stand out this season, there’s a lot of neon going on, there’s a lot of bright colors, saturated hues, so I always love that.”

Of course, not everyone can make it to the big race, but there’s still ways to feel like you’re part of the fashion-forward fun right here at home.

Suzy Buckley Woodward: “If you’re going to a Kentucky Derby watch party, you should be wearing a hat. It’s a fun day, and you wanna be in theme.”

Alina Armstrong, customer: “You should get a bottle of nice champagne. You can get a hat. You can get a nice outfit. You can turn on the TV, enjoy the derby, choose a horse and feel like you’re there.”

Four women from Miami have actually won the big fashion contest at the Kentucky Derby in the last five years.



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