The wick-end is here, so let’s get lit! Well, not drunk lit, more along the lines of lighting some candles “lit.”

One SoFlo candle maker is putting your nose and eyes to the test.

Her creations not only smell appetizing — they look delicious.

Candles are all about creating a mood, whether it’s for romance or feeling zen. Well, ShanJ Candles does both.

Camille Prendergast, ShanJ Candles creator: “They’re calming, they’re relaxing, they’re meditative.”

And they look good enough to heat and eat!

Camille Prendergast: “They’re pretty much food candles … I make cupcake candles, coffee candles, drink candles, meaning like margarita candles, martini, beer and frappe.”

We’ve got a burning question: How do you make them look so real?

Camille Prendergast: “Everything is made from mold and wax, so even the whipping on top of the candle I actually have to whip it and put it like I’m icing a cake. I use all natural soy wax because it’s non-toxic, and it’s the best wax to use.”

“Smell good” candles are certainly a way to anyone’s heart.

Camille Prendergast: “I have different scents. I have vanilla. I have cinnamon. I have blueberry. My candles are strong scented, so you don’t even have to light them, pretty much. When somebody sees them, they smell it from a mile away.”

They make great gifts, and she’ll even host a party for ya’.

Camille Prendergast: “If you wanted to do like a candle party, you know you can customize it. If you wanted to do a blueberries or strawberries, whatever your favorite is.”

Her personal favorite…?

Camille Prendergast: “My favorite candle is my Coco Make Crazy candle. That’s my signature candle, is my coffee candle. For some reason, it just means so much to me. It’s so calming when I’m making it.”

Candle creation is Camille’s passion because it has a special meaning.

Camille Prendergast: “It was created in memory of my sister, Shani, that passed away a couple of years ago. It puts me at peace. It turns my pain into purpose. It’s made with love, peace and happiness, and that’s what I want, everyone to feel the same way.”

These yummy looking mood setters range from $15 to $25.

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