Shania Twain releases album, scheduled SoFlo stop at BB&T Center

This next story — man, it makes me feel like a woman. Shania Twain is thankfully back in our lives with a new album. She’s about to go on a tour that includes a stop at the BB&T Center on June 1, but Deco caught up with her Thursday and let her know — you’re still the one.

New album — same Grammy-winning voice.

Shania Twain has returned with “Now,” her first studio album in 15 years.

Why’d ya leave us hanging for so long?!

Well, because Lyme disease impacted Shania’s singing voice — but it couldn’t keep the queen of country pop away forever.

Shania Twain: “When I finally got to the point where I could use it again the way I was satisfied, I went back into the studio and recorded the album.”

And that album debuted at Number 1 on the Billboard 200.

Shania Twain: “I was very relieved that people were waiting for it, that it was anticipated … and I felt missed, which was really good.”

We did miss you!

So it’s perfect that she’s about to go on the road with her “The Now Tour.”

She told Deco what SoFlo can expect when she stops by.

Shania Twain: “It’s a very sexy show. I’ve got dancers in the show. It’ll be quite glamorous and sexy.”

While it’s great that she has new hits, we’d be remiss if we didn’t ask Shania after all these years. Has she discovered something that does impress her much?

Shania Twain: “Well, positivity and optimism — can’t get enough of it.”

Shania guest starred on an episode of Comedy Central’s “Broad City” last year, hilariously playing herself.

So we just had to know if she was down for randomly popping up on a FOX show someday.

Shania Twain: “I’d love to do something like that. It was just such a fun experience, I can’t even tell you. It was hilarious.”

Someone make it happen!


Shania Twain’s Now Tour

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