Shaggy talks to Deco ahead of Nov. 13 concert

(WSVN) - Nicknames like “Duke” or “The Boss” are good, but it doesn’t get any better than being able to call yourself “Mr. Lovah Lovah” or “Mr. Boombastic.” Deco hung with Shaggy, Friday, and even after all of these years, he still swears it wasn’t him.

Shaggy (singing): “You’ve got the loving that I need. Baby, let me plant the seed.”

Twenty-three years after his first number one song, Shaggy is still pumping out hits like “That Love.”

Shaggy: “I’m happy to be able to be doing what I love so well and still having success at it. I can’t ask for anything else, man.”

Chris Van Vliet: “What’s been the secret to maintaining the success?”

Shaggy: “You know what it is? Have you ever been to aunt’s house, and when you get there she’s like happy to see you, she cooks for you, she makes your bed. And then you stay like a week and she’ll be like, ‘Make your own bed, cook your own food, and as a matter of fact, take the garbage out.’ That’s you overstaying your welcome. I never overstayed my welcome.”

Shaggy had huge success in the mid-90’s with “Oh Carolina” and “Mr. Boombastic,” but had to prove the critics wrong.

Shaggy: “‘Well. you know, he’s not a one-hit wonder, he’s a two-hit wonder. Trust me that’s it. He’ll never do it again.’ And then you come up with ‘It Wasn’t Me.'”

Shaggy: “And then you do ‘Angel.’ And then you do ‘Love Me, Love Me.'”

Shaggy: “You know, people go though life and get a lot of little hits, and in their career they might only arguably get one massive one. And we’ve been blessed with, like, four or five of those.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Are there people that think that your voice on stage is the voice you use in everyday life?”

Shaggy: “I flip. If you’re Jamaican, I’d start straight Jamaican and you wouldn’t understand a word I’m saying.”

Chris Van Vliet: “And I’d be very confused, We’d need subtitles.”

Shaggy: “And now, I’m here, I’m actually speaking in really clear English, so you can understand what it is and then when I’m on stage. It’s like ‘Yeah, Mr. Lovah Lovah large up, yeah, Shaggy. Boombastic, romantic, pay attention up top.”

We caught up with Shaggy at the InterContinental Doral.

And if you wanna catch him — you’re in luck! He’s hitting the stage at the “Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival,” at Markham Park in Sunrise, next Sunday, Nov. 13.

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