Seyfried says working on twisty horror film ‘Things Heard & Seen’ was a scream

You know the drill. Move into a creepy old house, find a dusty old book, start having terrifying visions — but instead of the hassle of packing up and moving, you just stay there and get possessed by Satan. That’s the delightful premise behind the new film “Things Heard & Seen.” Amanda Seyfried tells us working on the movie was a real scream.

James Norton (as George Claire): “I saw this place. I knew immediately it was for us.”

This house is not a home. It’s a place where dark secrets threaten to ruin the marriage of Amanda Seyfried and James Norton when they move in together.

Amanda loved the intense twists and turns in the film and said she had a blast on set.

Amanda Seyfried: “There’s something different all the time that you’re reacting to, whether it be your horrible husband or a ghost or like an energy. Also, when you do a lot of that stuff, you kind of offset it with a lot of laughter.”

For James, it was all about getting to know the Hudson Valley, where most of the film was shot.

James Norton: “What was really lovely was immersing ourselves into the Hudson River School, the painters, because I didn’t really — I’m from the U.K., and I’m not familiar with that part of the world. Amanda’s from there, but I’ve never been.”

Being familiar with the area added to the experience for Amanda as well.

Amanda Seyfried: “Washington Irving, that whole Sleepy Hollow energy, that’s where I live, it’s where I will die. It’s so rich with nature and just everything.”

Amanda Seyfried (as Catherine Claire): “Somebody help us!”

“Things Heard & Seen” is now streaming on Netflix.

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