There are all types of parties in SoFlo. Everything from store openings to bashes that go on till the sun comes up; we love them all!

Now, there’s one coming to town that’s good for your mind, body, and soul.

Get ready to get served up!

Spinelli: “I would say Served Up is giving the people what they need. It’s a party.”

This night out has a purpose, and it’ll be at the Freehold in Wynwood this Friday!

Jess Doren: “For Miami in particular, we are focusing on how music impacts our mental health.”

Served Up started in the Big Apple. Now, it’s SoFlo’s time to shine!

Jess Doren: “When we looked into our market and our followers from our New York event, we found out quite a few are in Miami, so we thought what better way to expand Served Up than bring it to a market that could be interested and is open to it.”

DJs from Miami’s own, The Love Below, will set the tone.

Manuvers: “The Love Below is providing the music, the musical backdrop for the event, along with some other DJs and producers. One is Hooligan from New York and the other being Craze, which is a local hometown hero.”

The musical lineup will bring harmony and happiness!

Spinelli: “We play everything from funk, house, future beats, Latin, and it’s a collective of different genres of music, so everyone feels safe enough to dance.”

Jerrious B.: “The big draw here is a lot of people hear obscure remixes that we play and hear old and new songs in a new light.”

There will also be an artistic flair.

Natasha Tomchin’s digital kaleidoscopes will get you back to nature, 2021 style.

Natasha Tomchin: “I think with my art in general, it’s all about nature. My art always comes from connecting to nature.”

Let the art and the “Served Up” party take you away!

Natasha Tomchin: “I think with these sculptures and these installations and how they are presented. You can get lost in them. I hope when people see my art installation there is just a wow moment, like maybe you forget all the things that are driving you crazy that week.”

Served Up is serving you! Everyone with a ticket gets complimentary cocktails from 8 p.m. till 9 p.m.


Served Up Miami at Freehold
2219 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

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