Michael B. Jordan is not boxing this time.

He’s fighting, but he’s fighting for his country and to leave a legacy for his son.

In “A Journal For Jordan,” Michael B. Jordan plays First Sgt. Charles Monroe King, deployed to Iraq after 9-11, who journals words of love and advice for his infant son before being killed in action.

Michael B. Jordan (remembering a hero): “I just think his love and dedication to his work and to his family, if you want to sum it up, that’s about as close as you gonna get.”

And back at home, King’s fiance, Pulitzer Prize Winner Dana Canedy, still lives with his memory. The movie is based on her essay and, later, the best-selling memoir.

Dana Canedy (telling my story): “There was a day on set where Michael was wearing Charles’ dog tags, and that’s how seriously he took this, so if there are moments that are painful, and there have been over the last year, year and a half as we’ve done this, then it’s worth it.”

Denzel Washington directs the drama, and we can’t help but see some similarities between the two stars. Neither can he!

Denzel Washington (passing the torch): “I’m like, ‘It’s your ball, Michael. Go get ’em!'”

But says he’s having a ball watching new Hollywood follow in his footsteps.

Denzel Washington: “I get a lot of joy out of seeing them run, seeing them take over. Moses Ingram, Corey Hawkins, different young actors who, it was just like this whole other generation of actors coming. Michael’s in that generation, Chante is obviously in that generation, my son.”

This is the first time Michael has worked with Denzel.

Michael B. Jordan: “Denzel is obviously the GOAT, and for me just watching his approach and his preparation from theater, so rehearsals are very important to him.”

But it isn’t the first time he has played a real-life hero.

Michael B. Jordan: “They might not have known their name, they might not have known their story. That’s the power of cinema. It’s the power of storytelling. It’s part of the reason why I love what I’m doing.”

Which can be double the work …

Michael B. Jordan: “You gotta, kind of, adhere by this person’s life, this person’s family.”

… but twice the reward.

Michael B. Jordan: “Dana Canedy telling you, that’s my husband, that’s the man, that was Charles right there, and that’s the biggest compliment I can get.”

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