Serayah McNeill talks role on ‘Empire’

"Star," a new drama by "Empire" isn’t until the fall… and we still have backbiting on "Empire" to deal with. Tonight, Lucious holds a fundraiser.. and I’m sure it’s completely altruistic. But first, one of the breakout stars of the show is telling us about life on the hit show.

Actress Serayah McNeill is one sexy chica, so it only makes sense she would land a gig on "Empire " playing the role of sassy pop star, Tiana Brown. 

The first time Serayah walked on-set, she was star struck by Taraji P. Henson and Terrance Howard, but now…

Serayah McNeill: "It’s so great to work on set and be able to learn from the greats."

Her character Tiana, who’s signed to "Empire," has kind of a love hate relationship with Hakeem. 

They used to be a "thang," but now, Hakeem is ga ga over Laura, played by Jamila Velazquez. 

Serayah McNeill: "Seeing him with Laura — she’s not liking that so much. I think there’s gonna be a big story line there."

Tiana is jeal–ous.

Serayah McNeill: "There’s a little bit of drama going on with Tiana and Hakeem, so that’s going to be coming up. And we are going to see a lot of drama toward the end of the season."

Serayah, who’s been singing and dancing since she was just a kid says she love the performance aspect of the show, when it comes to singing and dancing…

Plus — 

Serayah McNeill: "I’m working on an album right now, my very first album and I’m assigned to Colombia. I’m still in shock from that."

In the studio, she’s figuring out her sound and style. And sometimes, she still can’t believe she landed a role on "Empire." 

Serayah McNeill: "I auditioned and it happened. It happened for me, I’m really blessed be here."

Will Tiana be able to lure Hakeem away from Laura? Eh, I’m not sure, but something tells me — it’s gonna be fun to watch. 

Lucious’ fundraising, and hellraising gets started in about an hour. An all new episode of "Empire" starts at 9 p.m. right here on 7.