Sephora University

Ladies, we know putting on makeup is an art form, and keeping up with changing styles isn’t easy. Good thing Deco has a way to help you put your best face forward. Class is in session at Sephora University.

Josh Gomez, makeup artist: "Sephora University is a complimentary class we offer at the store."

Sephora is a one-stop shop for all things beauty. They have hundreds of brands of makeup, and now they’re teaching you how to use it.

Josh Gomez: "Sephora University is where we show you how to create looks like a smoky eye, highlight and contour of the brows and eye contour as well, or lips and cheeks as well."
Deco headed over to the Sephora in Merrick Park to learn more about their freebie beauty classes.

Josh Gomez: "We offer the classes every other Sunday from 10 in the morning to 12 p.m., so it’s kind of like, you come here for makeup school and then you can go out to brunch with your girlfriends as well."

Leave your books at home, because all you need is a fresh face.

Josh Gomez: "We provide you with everything: It’s the mirror, the makeup, the brushes, the tools to achieve that look, and then you have private shopping time as well."

From contouring and highlighting, to creating that perfect smoky eye. There are different classes every other week, and there will always be a teacher and coaches to help you learn the look.

Josh Gomez: "I demo on a model, and you try on with the brushes we provide you at Sephora."

All you need to do register for a class is to sign up for their free Beauty Insider program and contact your local Sephora to find out what classes are coming up.

Josh Gomez: "The cost is complimentary with your Sephora Beauty insider, which is also complimentary."

There’s nothing to buy, and you learn with their supplies. But, if you want to recreate the look, you can always shop at Sephora.

Josh Gomez: "It’s fun and exciting, and it’s something that no other stores are doing as well because we are the trendsetters for makeup."

Call your local Sephora to find out if they have Sephora University and to see what classes they are offering.