Selina Brawlers brings a coffee shop, open market and workspace to Wynwood

Our time is precious. For Chris, it would be great if he could eat pizza in the middle of doing pull-ups while he shops for socks. But this just isn’t a perfect world now, is it? But we did find a SoFlo spot that’s all about multi-tasking. It’s a coffee shop that’s serving up more than just cups of Joe.

Selina Brawlers in Wynwood is more than a coffee shop.

Jorge Ramirez, founder: “You can come and hang out and enjoy the coffee, enjoy the space, enjoy the community.”

Sure you can get a cup of Joe and a pastry, but it’s also a free workspace where you can buy a vintage motorcycle helmet.

Jorge Ramirez: “It is a coffee lounge where you can come here and hang out and work, and at the same time, if you like the furniture you are sitting on, you can buy it, as everything is for sale including the lamps.”

From shoes to spoons, a piano to plants, the collection is eclectic, and prices start at just under $30.

Jorge Ramirez: “Right now, I believe the bikes would be the most expensive. They range between $10,000 and $22,000.”

The folks at Selina Brawlers think material items are supposed to be enjoyed for a little bit, and then passed along for the next person to love.

Francisco Ramos, patron: “Imagine a bachelor pad turned into a coffee house turned into an open market, ’cause everything is for sale.”

Most of the stuff is vintage.

Check out the art work … there is even a Warhol.

Jorge Ramirez: “We have amazing art pieces that also range between $6,000 and $18,000.”

Pick up a sword, a skateboard — but don’t forget that caffeine kick.

Jorge Ramirez: “It’s the most unique coffee experience offered in Miami, and it’s a different take on Miami as a whole.”


Selina Brawlers
2819 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

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