Seek + Find Kitchen and Bar has food, drinks and speakeasy

We all know the food and drink scene in Miami is on point, and thanks to a new spot in Coral Gables, it’s on fire! This place is so cool. They’ve got flames! Deco searched high and low and found Seek + Find Kitchen and Bar.

Seek + Find Kitchen and Bar in Coral Gables is all about looking for and discovering great ambiance, food and drinks.

Kevin Gouchee, owner: “Seek + Find is a great place to gather with your friends or work comrades. It’s a nice spot to relax.”

They aren’t playing games with the food, but there is game meat on the menu. Check out the bison burger and the bison and wild boar bolognese.

Kevin Gouchee: “When we combine these two, it’s a little less tomato. Great flavor, but you aren’t going to expect red tomato sauce.”

Or take a bite out of the alligator tail corn dogs.

Kevin Gouchee: “It’s alligator tail meat. It’s spiced up and rolled in a batter and deep fried.”

You will also find a really hot bar scene.

Kevin Gouchee: “The bartenders flame up the bar, so it gets pretty exciting entertainment, vibe dining.”

Leonela Gonzalez, customer: “The drinks are really, really good, and the food — it’s really amazing.”

The Goblet of Fire drink has vodka and 151 liquor, which are set ablaze. And it’s got a magical namesake.

Kevin Gouchee: “The Goblet of Fire was inspired by the Harry Potter movies. There was one in particular called Goblet of Fire.”

While downstairs, you’ll find great food and fun.

If you seek it out, there’s something special upstairs, too.

Kevin Gouchee: “On the second floor, Room 25 is a very exclusive speakeasy lounge, something that doesn’t exist in Coral Gables.”

Thursdays through Saturdays, head up the secret staircase to the speakeasy called Room 25, and if you have the code, you can get in.

Kevin Gouchee: “If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our website, you will find the code.”

It looks like we found fun and some grub at Seek + Find.

Seek + Find is open now, but the speakeasy, Room 25, won’t open until after the New Year.


Seek + Find Kitchen and Bar
2530 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 902-6220

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