Way back in 2019, the masked singer first hit U.S. airwaves. Now after five seasons of turtle, crocodile and watchamacallit, Season 6 is upon us.

Host Nick Cannon tells us they’re mixing it up with a new format and a new gadget, the Take It Off buzzer!

Mask and ye shall receive. Season 6 of “The Masked Singer” is here!

“We have officially gone off our rockers.”

This time around Fox is shaking things up.

There are duets with unmasked celebrities and a ‘Take It Off’ buzzer.

We’ll let host Nick Cannon explain what it is.

Nick Cannon: “This is how it works: Panel, if you’re 100% certain you know the identity of the singer, you can hit the Take It Off buzzer and if you’re right, the singer must unmask on the spot and will be sent home immediately. But if you are wrong, you will be significantly punished.”

Now with great power comes responsibility.

Nick Cannon: “I got to make sure Ken Jeong is responsible enough to not just run up and hit the buzzer every time he knows exactly who it is, and at the same time, there’s consequences with, this kind of heightens the stake of the game.”

Given his experience as “The Bulldog,” Nick has a new appreciation for the performers.

Nick Cannon: “Not even being able to see your feet and, you know, breathe the way that you want to breathe. My hat’s off to them, especially because these are people that are used to being catered to, and then you put nerves on top of that and remembering what you’re supposed to do.”

And here’s why people love the show and keep watching.

Nick Cannon: “It’s fascinating. It’s flamboyant. It’s fabulous. It’s all the things that we love. I mean, it’s the reason why we dress up for Halloween, and then you can share it with your entire family.”

Nick’s gonna be pretty busy this year.

Not only is he the host of “Masked”. His daytime talk show “Nick Cannon” hits the airwaves next Monday.

Nick Cannon: “I wanted it to be about the community. I wanted it to be for the people. I wanted it to be a full access to our world of entertainment and the arts. Not really just celebrating celebrities because they’re popular people, but, really focusing on people who are special and unique and embracing where we are in this space and ultimately knowing all that we’re going through as a world, today, to offer up some optimism, some high frequencies and just try to make people smile daily.”

Catch the new season of “The Masked Singer” Wednesday night right after Deco, and Nick’s show, which also airs on Fox, premieres on Monday.

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