Get ready to laugh tonight! Season two of Fox’s “Call Me Kat” is back with another brand new episode.

And the stars tell Deco, love is in the air.

The cat’s out of the bag! Things are heating up in season two of Fox’s hit series “Call Me Kat.”

Love is in the air for Randi and Carter.

Or is it?

We’ll let Kyla Pratt and Julian Gant take it from here.

Julian Gant: “I think Carter is just really attracted to how strong Randi is, and you know, and how she’s her own woman and she knows what she wants.”

Kyla Pratt: “I think Randi is not attracted to Carter, at all. I think she’s like, this is my goofy friend that works across the way, and she has a little moment that she sees a little twinkle.”

Carter’s just trying to get out of the friendzone.

Julian Gant: “He’s like, ‘Yo, I’m not a friend. I’m not a friend!’ Yelling and screaming! I think he’s a hopeless romantic. That’s all he wants. I think Carter is just someone who wants a family that provides stability for him.”

Kyla Pratt: “Randi is not. I don’t think Randi is a hopeless romantic at all.”

Julian Gant: “No, Randi’s not.”

Kyla Pratt: “She’s definitely not. I gotta handle my business, why are you bothering me?”

Mayim Bialik who plays Kat and is also the show’s executive producer says storylines like this work out so well because the cast has tons of chemistry.

Mayim Bialik: “To have a large ensemble that that feels so comfortable, obviously on “Big Bang Theory” you know, it was all about the ensemble and how we all clicked together, so I think highlighting some of that in the first season and seeing how well that was received, it worked so well for us.”

And they’re always making each other laugh behind the scenes.

Mayim Bialik: “Leslie is the king of the zingers on camera and off. That man has expressions that just slay you. Julian Gant, he does really amazing impressions. Kyla Pratt always makes me laugh. Swoosie Kurtz actually has a wicked sense of humor. Cheyenne Jackson, he and I, we share a wall, so we we talk a lot. We, we definitely talk about parenting stuff together. We’re– we are– we’re a really lovely group.”

 You can catch a brand new episode of “Call Me Kat,” tonight at 9, on Fox.

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