Say bye to your stress and those COVID pounds we packed on by repeatedly having chicken nuggets for breakfast. Oh, that’s just me? It’s time to get a jump on your summer fitness routine. We’re checking out a new workout that’ll put a pep in your step.

Shake Backyard in Coconut Grove is shaking up fitness.

Isaac Kodsi, Shake Backyard: “Shake is a workout on a trampoline where you use the benefit of a resistance mat in performing the exercises.”

This is less jump and more…

Isaac Kodsi: “Most trampoline workouts are jumping and going upwards. This trampoline workout is about going downwards. We do jump, but we don’t jump to the sky. We jump enough to create impact on the body, so it’s really about the negative action. It’s really about vibration and shaking.”

These aren’t the moves you’d expect from a trampoline fitness class.

Isaac Kodsi: “Ready? Start opening and bouncing. There you go.”

Isaac Kodsi: “We don’t do everything standing, so I do a lot of exercises laying on our back, laying on our belly, getting on our knees, on all fours.”

Bouncing has benefits.

Isaac Kodsi: “It’s a very unstable surface, so you are constantly having every muscle in your body engage by staying on the mat and pulsating. You are shaking everything in your body.”

Elena Brovkova, client: “For me, I don’t think about anything else, just my body, and I listen to the instructor, and I think how good my body will be.”

There are six different 30 minute classes.

If you’ve got a half hour, they’ve got a class for you.

Isaac Kodsi: “If you had a stressful day and you want to come out and chill, you will do my chill work out. If you want to start your day and get energized, you will do my vitally or victorious workout, and you will be energized the entire day.”

The classes cost less than $30 each.

It’s a workout for your mind and your body.

Isaac Kodsi: “Close your eyes, be at peace and engage your core now.”

Elena Brovkova: “It’s fun. It’s great. It’s amazing feeling.”


Shake Backyard
2132 Tigertail Ave.
Miami, FL 33133

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